Official TV Spot for Reality EP to be aired on 54 National TV Channels in the USA via Bongo Boy TV!

It's here Spoken Life | Reality | TV Spot | Bongo Boy Records Asia
TV Promo Spot for broadcast on Bongo Boy TV syndicated TV show
54 TV Channels Coast to Coast in the USA
Download and Streaming 1. REALITY 3:29 2. LONELY SOUL 3:55 3. SHELL 3:15 4. THE TRUTH 3:24 5. REMEMBER 4:41
Artist Web Site: Record Label: Bongo Boy Records Television: Bongo BoyTV
RADIO Unassigned radio Artist/Band: Spoken Life Song: Reality Chestnut Radio ‘Indie Outbreak radio show LAs Angeles, CA - Song Remember’ Route 66 Radio - Song Reality added to rotation
REVIEWS Coming Soon

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