About Spoken Life

Anthony is a singer-songwriter/live-looping artist from the Philadelphia area who performs original music under the name Spoken Life, as well as playing cover gigs around his local area . Being a music lover since the age of 16, he's played in numerous bands & started writing his own music at age 25. This was a new journey that Anthony was willing to explore to expand his musical creativity! He was able to quickly develop a melodic and unique song-writing style which is portrayed through his music.

Anthony started writing songs for Spoken Life in the spring of 2012, with his debut release 'Truth Be Told'. To date, he has realized 2 additional EP's, and with his latest EP entitled 'Reality' landing him a distribution deal with New Jersey based record company Bongo Boy Records in 2015. His original music has also been aired numerous times on 93.7FM radio and has gotten air time around the world, even in France! His music video for his single 'Reality' was even featured on national TV in November 2016.

You can tell through his music that Anthony delivers a heartfelt stream of emotions on every track. Not only can you feel it in his music, but in his live performances. "Being able to connect with an audience and feel that relationship of positive energy gives me the motivation to continue to do what I love!" Anthony works hard at promoting his music to new fans every day and delivering a strong message of positivity!

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