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Fly On Little Wing! 

Hey everyone,

Hope you all had a wonderful July 4th holiday last week! I've been busy with filling up my summer gig schedule and being more active on social media with more content to through out there. I just posted a short video on my Instagram page of me playing one of my favorite Jimi Hendrix tunes called "Little Wing". Since I was a kid, I've always wanted to learn how to play this riff. I'm finally getting the hang if it & it excites me that I'm able to actually play this. Hopefully soon I'll add it…

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Summer Gigs! 

Hey everyone! I hope your enjoying the first few days of summer. Feels like it took forever to get here this year after the winter we had on the east coast, ugh haha. Well I’d like to give you my updated summer gig schedule. Hope to see you all come out and hang at a few.

July 6 - Duke’s Tavern (Springfield, Pa) 5-7PM

July 21 - Food & Brew Festival (Newark, DE) 1:30-3PM

July 27 - Starbucks on Market (Wilmington, DE) 5-7PM

August 17 - Marty Magee’s (Prospect Park, Pa) 6-9:30PM

August 31 - Summer…

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Finding my happiness! 

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to share with you a little bit on how I'm feeling about where I'm at as a musician. Yes, it's been a long road and several years of going in and out of bands then becoming a solo artist (see my last post about my history).

For so long I've been chancing this sense of "acceptance" as being a musician. I don't know, it may seem weird to some, but as a kid I always wanted to be accepted by my peers and fit in. I wasn't the most popular in school, but I was the average kid. I knew…

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What Music Means to Me - A Musical Journey 

Music has been a part of my life pretty much all my life. My dad first introduced the guitar to me at an early age, however, I wasn’t “fully” committed to what this instrument had in store for me as a future musician. It wasn’t until I hit high school where a group of my friends & peers started forming bands together. I had already been apart of the school band as a drummer but I quickly knew this wasn’t for me. So that is when I picked up the guitar and started to learn. Now, you can imagine, a fifteen…

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