Finding my happiness!

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to share with you a little bit on how I'm feeling about where I'm at as a musician. Yes, it's been a long road and several years of going in and out of bands then becoming a solo artist (see my last post about my history).

For so long I've been chancing this sense of "acceptance" as being a musician. I don't know, it may seem weird to some, but as a kid I always wanted to be accepted by my peers and fit in. I wasn't the most popular in school, but I was the average kid. I knew people, they knew me, but I wasn't like the "QB on the varsity football team" type of popular hahaha. Fast forward about 10-15 years, I'm not a well known musician but I feel I'm more recognized today and I've established many friends who respect me within my music scene. This just makes me feel great that I've come so far and I'm started to get some return.

Today, I've even been booking more shows for the next few months and booked a show in September! You may think, "why is booking a show in September excting?" Well, what I'm trying to get at is I've NEVER had a consistent schedule of shows booked about 3-4 months out. EVER! This is amazing to me. I feel I'm starting to finally get that "acceptance" I've longed for and just been surrounding myself with positive people who love music just as much as I do. I look forward to progressing more in 2018 & hopefully even writing some new material along the way.



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