DQOM Arts & Music Festival

Prospect Park, Pa

I’m excited to be participating in the first annual Delco Quarantine Open Mic Music & Arts Festival on August 27th. It will be held at Marty Magees from 12PM to 1:30AM. I’ll be performing at 6:30PM on the Solo/Duo stage (Location Inside Venue). Come out for a great day of local music.

⬇️ Ticket Info ⬇️

✨Tickets are $10 each. Ticket proceeds will go to the New Avenue Foundation! ✨ Virtual ticket sales will be through Venmo/PayPal. Email 'Tara Ambrosine' at and put “DQOM tickets” as the subject. In the email put the number of tickets you’d like to purchase and the method of payment you’d like to use, as well as the address that you’d like your tickets to be sent to. If you’d rather us hold them at will call the day of the event there’s no need to include your address in the email. Instead, include anyones name that may be picking up the tickets so we know who to hold them for. I will confirm and respond with the Venmo/PayPal link. Once we receive the payment we will confirm your payment through email and your tickets will be sent out.